Patient Participation Group

At Jubilee Surgery we have an active Patient Participation Group. They provide support and help us make decisions on the services provided to patients.  The group takes two forms:

  • Virtual Group – This is derived from patients who have said they would like to be involved and receive surveys and information by email.
  • PPG Committee – A group of patients who meet with the Practice Team each quarter to share information and discuss survey results or changes planned for the practice.

Jubilee Surgery PPG has set up a Instagram account to keep patients informed about updates and provide helpful information with signposting.

Please see here to sign up to the PPG.

PPG Newsletter

Read our PPG Newsletter September 2020 for information on:

  • Why can’t I walk into my GP practice?
  • How do I get an appointment?
  • Will I need to wear a face mask if I come into my practice for an appointment?
  • What is e-Consult?
  • And more

PPG Tips about what to do if if you feel unwell

Download from here to print your own copy

Next PPG Meeting

Please let us know if you are able to attend so that we can set out the room with enough chairs.

If you have any specific concerns you would like raised at the meeting, please contact us so that they can be included on the agenda
Suzy Jackson 07532 168454

Meeting Minutes

See all of our latest PPG Meeting Minutes here.

PPG Patient Satisfaction Survey Report

See the PPG Satisfaction Survey Report here

Appointments FAQ Answered

Responding to FAQ’s recently raised by patients regarding making appointments, Shaun told us that the team are continually making efforts to improve the ease of access to appointments, Please see the responses to specific questions.

What is the purpose of a PPG?

  • To work closely with the surgery staff to discuss topics of mutual interest
  • To provide patients with the ability to provide feedback about their experience, interests and concerns
  • To encourage patients to make positive suggestions about the surgery and their own healthcare
  • To provide the surgery with a patient viewpoint when considering new developments, improvements and changes
  • To explore ideas identified in patient surveys
  • To be a forum for ideas on health promotion and self-care
  • To help maintain good relations and communications between the surgery, the local community and other bodies, acting as a representative group that can be called upon to influence local provision of Health and Social Care

What has the PPG achieved?

We have worked closely with the surgery to:

  • Improve physical access to the surgery for disabled people
  • Publicise of services and communicating change to patients
  • Improve the appointment booking system
  • Contribute to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection rating improvement to “Good”
  • Assist with conducting surveys

Who is involved with the PPG?

All those involved with the PPG are members of the local community who are patients at Jubilee Surgery and who are keen to support the surgery to provide an excellent service.

When does the PPG meet?

Currently the PPG meets with the surgery team at least 4 times per year. However some members may meet more often than this if involved in specific topics of interest. The Chair of the PPG also meets with other PPG Chairs and the Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group (C.C.G).

PPG moving forward

  • The PPG would like to increase the number of ways patients can be involved. Not everybody wants to attend meetings, but patients may still wish to be informed of developments and to have the opportunity to raise comments, ideas and make suggestions. If you would provide us with your email and/or accommodation address and telephone number, we will ensure that you are sent updates and have the opportunity to respond to surveys. Please complete the form in the PPG leaflet in the pocket below, alternatively you can email or phone the PPG Chair.
  • PPG members will be working with the surgery to undertake patient satisfaction surveys and will feedback to the outcome of these to the surgery
  • The PPG would also like to help the surgery by assisting patients to learn how to use the online services. We can arrange a time to teach you by using the computer terminal in the waiting area so that you will feel more confident accessing online services from your home or your phone
  • Members would also be able to help patients who may need help to use the Citizens Advice Bureau resource in the waiting room
  • To increase the opportunities for the PPG to be a forum for ideas on health promotion and self-care

Please contact the PPG Chair if you:

  • Wish to join the PPG
  • Would like to be kept updated, contribute ideas and participate in surveys
  • Have positive feedback you would like to be passed on to the surgery team
  • Want to discuss a current concern or have an idea for improvement

Suzy Jackson
Mobile: 07532 168454
Address: 14 West Street, Titchfield, PO14 4DH